My radio hobby is a very small and simple setup, I don't live and breathe the hobby, it's just something I do when I have time to get on the air.

My home station is in Southeast, MN
It's a good setup for my wants. My lack of reasonable supports for a good wire antenna forced me into a vertical for HF and (to my surprise) I'm totally happy with it, I also run a GP9 for VHF/UHF on the roof in the background.  One OM told me vertical radiate poorly in all directions around them, I suppose that's probably true on some level, but, at least it’s all directions and not just poorly straight up like the wire antennas I tried.

Honestly, this vertical outplays any configuration of a wire antenna I have tried, from end-fed half wave to dipoles, I just do not have the right supports to get them high enough to be anything other than cloud burners, so the Butternut HF9V and a field of over 100 radials does the job very well for me.

This antenna does a good job on all bands without the need of a tuner (antenna coupler/matching device), but 80 meters is pretty narrow, so I do have one in line to give me just a bit more bandwidth on 75/80, though I never try to match past 3:1, too much loss and pointless, if I need to tune further, this antenna is a breeze to change tuning per band in just a few seconds.
This is a view of the back yard (garden for those over the pond) looking toward the house. The yard looks bigger than it actually is.  The antenna (Butternut HF9V) is mounted just on the shoulder of a small drainage ditch, it stays pretty wet most of the time short of the dry time in late summer.  The radials are all absorbed into the lawn, it only took a few weeks before they were well settled, mowing does not bother them nor the coax, nothing was buried, just lots of landscape staples/pins (about 600 of them) and hard work. 

This install also goes a long way with aesthetics in the neighborhood as well, gone are the masts, wires looming over the yard like some crazy mad scientist power grid, returned is a yard we can enjoy, we are pretty active outdoors, back yard cook outs and even a volleyball net and a few games have not bothered a single radial or the feed line

TNX for visiting, stop back again. 73! de W0AMX

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